How to Get Into Cybersecurity with No Experience and Land a Job in less than 5 months? | CYBLU

How to Get Into Cybersecurity with No Experience and Land a Job in less than 5 months? | CYBLU

How to Get Into Cybersecurity with No Experience and Land a Job in less than 5 months?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems and networks from malicious attacks. Technology has turned the world into a global village, and this digitalized concept has made us more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance in cyberspace; therefore, individuals, companies, and organizations spend billions of dollars on cybersecurity measures. 

Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand and are predicted to increase yearly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median American worker’s income is estimated at $54,132 a year. However, the average salary of a cyber security analyst is $102,600 per year in the United States, which is about twice that amount. 

In this context, CYBLU offers a comprehensive training program to start a professional career as a cyber security analyst for entry-level to mid-level positions. If you have motivation, commitment, and discipline, we will lead you to success, and eventually, you may get a job in less than 5 months.

1-on-1 Mentoring

What distinguishes us is one-on-one mentoring support for students. In the hands of well-trained mentors, you may shape your career through grounded confidence. Students have a chance to revise their work with an expert. 

Mentoring is essential because we monitor your progress and check if you keep up with the course path. Since all students have different backgrounds and experiences, we ensure no one is left behind. 

There is no time restriction for 1-on-1 meetings. Whenever you need help, you may consult anything to clear the fog of confusion. Our dedicated mentors put their heart and soul into helping you with your work and guiding you in the right direction.

Advanced Hands-on Labs

The most important module of the course is the Security Operation Center (SOC) tools experience, where hands-on learning and lab-focused training occur. Our curriculum includes a wide range of popular cybersecurity tools, both free and paid. We will explain some tools in the basics while others in high demand in the market will be covered in detail. SIEM and EDR tools will be our primary focus. 

After taking the course, you can carry out log monitoring, analysis, and management processes. Our advanced hands-on labs will put you one step ahead of your competitors.   

Real-World Scenarios on the Live Network

With the proper guidance, anyone can succeed easily. Our goal-oriented use cases will familiarize you with issues you may come across in real life. We use live network data in the process of analysis. 

Job-hunting Support

In module five, all efforts will be on job-hunting support. In this context, we will polish your resume and LinkedIn profile. We analyze your profile and add the finishing touch to make it more professional. Our connection is not just limited to these five months. During and after the course, we will always be there for you in job-hunting efforts.

Technical & Behavioral Interview Preparation

We consider interview preparation an integral activity. As a warm-up, we will start with the most frequently asked interview questions and derivatives. Later on, our team will help you develop course of actions to avoid pitfalls you may be posed during the job interview. They will give priceless tips on how to attract the interviewer’s attention and get the job you desire.

Mock Interview Sessions

We attach importance to mock interviews to ensure you are entirely ready for actual interviews. Our mock interviews mirror the actual ones. We enable you to practice and simulate the stressful interview process. Our experts observe and evaluate you from behavioral and technical perspectives during the drill. 

Resume and Linkedin Profile Reviews

Career management, which includes life coaching, resume building, and LinkedIn account creation, is also an essential pillar of our bootcamp to boost your career. We invite expert guest speakers who are ready to share their real-life experiences. We support these activities throughout the course. Consequently, you may get a job faster with our wise support.

Modern Learning Management System

Our modern learning management system (LMS) uses online and hands-on training. Theoretical and practical training is more beneficial together. Our dedicated instructors are subject matter experts who apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios encountered in the field. Our focused curriculum and experienced staff will prepare you for the market. We cover both paid and free tools to enhance the knowledge base regarding cybersecurity analytics tools. 

The course duration is only 5 months. Time is your most valuable asset. A part-time schedule allows you to keep your full-time job, take care of your family, or continue your education while taking the course. Since all online classes are recorded, you can watch the session if you miss a lecture or want to reinforce a lesson. 

Affordable Payment Options

We offer affordable and flexible payment options and accept many payment methods. We embarked on our journey to provide high-quality cybersecurity education at reasonable prices.

Instructors from Fortune 100 Companies

We have qualified instructors from the best companies. Our students have a chance to learn from experts in their fields. Our only request from you is that you be hardworking and follow the directions given by our field-experienced staff to become a cybersecurity analyst.

Support for Getting CompTIA Sec+ Certified

The CYBLU Cyber Security Analyst course is beginner-friendly and requires no prior IT knowledge or experience. Moreover, you do not have to pass any technical tests before starting. In module two, we will discuss security fundamentals, focusing on CompTIA Security+ certification. After covering the basics, the course will continue with exam preparation. There will be a short break after the second module for students to take the exam. 

Project-based Group Studies

We intend to prepare you to work in a group with focused case studies. Students develop better communication and collaboration skills with group studies. Thus, our project-based team works will enhance your problem-solving skills and increase productivity.

Final Words

The Cyblue Cyber Security Analyst Course aims to teach the core of cybersecurity and familiarize you with the most-demanded tools. We formed a focused, time–effective curriculum to create an interactive environment. Our experienced instructors and mentors will prepare you for real-world challenges. So, take the chance to land a job as a cybersecurity analyst with affordable payment options,  even if you have no IT background. Here is your opportunity to start a new professional career from zero to hero.