High Demand

The significant workforce and skill gap in the cybersecurity field results in competition among employers to attract and retain top talent.

Competitive Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for an information security analyst is $107,580 per year.

Prestigious career

We play a critical role in protecting sensitive information & infrastructure from cyber threats, which allows us to make a direct impact on society.

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What Our Trainees Say about us?

Zeynep Ozcan
Zeynep Ozcan
CSIRT Analyst at Ebay
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CYBLU changed my life immensely! I worked really hard, and so did they. Cyblu was an amazing journey that allowed me to learn and grow in the cybersecurity field. The one-on-one mentoring sessions were especially helpful in keeping me motivated and focused. The instructors' extensive experience was extremely valuable in preparing me for job interviews and the job search process. I highly recommend Cyblu to anyone considering a career in this field.
Asli Özdemir
Asli Özdemir
SOC Analyst at Spirit/21
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Getting an education in Cyblu means a chance to learn the subject in depth from dedicated and expert instructors, and also to breathe in a team atmosphere with sincere and close working groups. I’ve learned a lot in project-based group sessions. I was very favorably impressed. For the most part, there was a great balance between theory and hands-on.
Okan Celiker
Okan Celiker
Endpoint Cyber Operations Analyst at Leidos
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When I decided to make a change in my career from education to cybersecurity, I came across Cyblu and I’m so glad I did! Cyblu has prepared me well enough to make the transition smooth. Mentorship program is just great. I’m now employed and recommend Cyblu to anyone who is interested in cybersecurity.
Hatice S.
Hatice S.
Information Security Analyst at Intelycare
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It was a blissful journey to learn about cybersecurity at Cyblu. My instructors and mentor were highly knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions I had. The mock interviews and feedback sessions helped me a lot. I used most of those feedbacks in my real interview and it worked! I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this course and be a part of the Cyblu community.
Emre Huseyin Ozdemir
Emre Huseyin Ozdemir
Junior Cyber Defence Engineer at Bechtle
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It was an educational process in which motivation was as much as the solid curriculum. Instructors and mentors were always very dedicated and available for the students. With the extra repetition lessons, the trainees are supported well enough to learn the subjects all about cyber security.


Launch Your Career Today With Cyblu

Step into the future of cybersecurity with Cyblu Academy! Explore our dynamic courses and unlock your potential in the cyber world.  Join Cyblu Academy now and forge your path to becoming a cyber expert. 

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Cyblu Cyber Security Analyst (CCSA) Training​

On a mission to close the massive talent gap in the cybersecurity field, we’re ready to help weaponing you with the technical and behavioral skills with cybersecurity course, you need to succeed as a soc analyst.

Advanced Hands-on Labs

Learn how to detect & respond to adversarial tactics and techniques utilizing a wide variety of network and endpoint security technologies practically with cybersecurity course

Instructors from Fortune 100 companies

Our cybersecurity course program is instructed by top-leading professionals who have real-world experience from FORTUNE 100 Companies

Real-world scenarios on the live network

Great opportunity to work as a SOC analyst in a real-live environment with real-world practices besides immersive blue team exercises. Our cybersecurity course helps to achieve that.

Job-hunting Support

With the help of our strategy sessions in cybersecurity course, you’ll learn what recruiters are looking for and stand out from the crowd once you kick off the job application process.

Mock Interview Sessions

Get in-depth feedback from industry experts on your interview answers to perform a comprehensive swot analysis that helps you improve your skills and boost your confidence

Project-based group studies

Group studies allow trainees to put theory into practice in less time than studying alone which helps improve social skills by working on the real-world projects collaboratively in a team

LinkedIn Profile & Resume Classes

We review your LinkedIn profile & resume and provide tailored feedback to help you figure out what you’re doing right and what you could improve upon to achieve your best

Get CompTIA Security+ Certified

Our cybersecurity course covers the exam topics to get you prepared for your first cyber security certificate. We’ve partnered with CompTIA, and you’ll get benefit discounted Sec+ voucher

Affordable payment options

We value helping trainees with financial needs by offering installment options with low monthly payments that are easy to fit into  monthly budget. If you have any questions for cybersecurity course, contact us

User-friendly Learning Management System (LMS)

All training resources are centralized and accessible in the LMS platform. We also offer a mobile application for LMS that you can utilize from your Android or iOS mobile phone

Technical & Behavioral Interview Preparation

We build a winning strategy for job interviews by practicing the most common interview questions by learning from real cybersecurity experts with years of industry experience

1 on 1 Mentoring

You’ll work with our dedicated mentors (Cyblu graduates who land a job) together to gain    insight into issues and get professional advice, feedback & support at every step of your journey

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Choose Your Cybersecurity Training Program

on demand training

On Demand Training

Take full control of your learning journey with our On Demand package for cybersecurity course and unleash your potential at your own pace today! The ultimate solution for professionals seeking unlimited access to recorded educational materials.

•  Convenient, flexible, and self-paced learning experience for any student, anytime, anywhere.

•  Unlimited access to our comprehensive and easy-to-use online training platform and mobile app.

•  Unparalleled learning experience in our cutting-edge, battle-tested, and hands-on online lab environment.

•  1 on 1 support from Cyblu Subject Matter Experts and Mentors, anytime, anywhere.

live training

Live Online Training​

Experience the full power of live-streamed, engaging, and interactive sessions available across multiple time zones from the comfort of your own home! Join Live-Online program, delivered directly by expert instructors.

  Level-up your learning by engaging in interactive gamified practices and real-world cyber range challenges.

  Extend your learning horizon and enjoy exclusive access to archived recordings for 5 months post-class.

  Engage in dynamic learning and experience live interaction with your peers via dedicated slack channels.

  Unlock the power of real-time learning and gain live access to expert Cyblu Instructors.

Next Event

Upcoming Cybersecurity Training – CCSA​

Remote Live-Online: 9/16/2024 – 2/14/2025​



Network and Operating Systems Basics

This module covers essential computer hardware, software, and networking fundamentals. Explore Windows and Linux operating systems while delving into network architecture, protocols, and connectivity. Gain the foundational knowledge needed for entry-level SOC Analyst roles.


Security Fundamentals

As a SOC Analyst candidate, you will learn the daily job requirements in this module. Our course will also cover the CompTIA Sec+ exam topics and you will be prepared to get your first cyber security certificate. You will feel more comfortable in speaking about securing the computer networks after finishing this module.


Hands-On I: Security Operations & Investigations with SOC Tools

This section provides in-depth technical knowledge and fundamental concepts crucial for Security Operation Center (SOC) analysts. By including a comprehensive overview of the SOC mission and mindset of a structured incident response operation, this module will jumpstart and weaponize those on their way to become security analysts of the future. In this module, you will learn the key steps of incident handling process: How to detect the malicious behavior, which tool should be used and when, how to respond and mitigate adversarial activities accordingly.


Hands-On II: Practicing on the Most Common SOC Alerts

You have the incident response mindset and necessary tool arsenal. Now it’s time to take off your gloves! It is our belief that hands-on practice is a key element of learning process, so this section includes the most common use case scenarios from real environment. These experiences will not only help in the interview process during your job hunting but also they will be lifesaving when you start working your first SOC analyst position since you already have the confidence of handling the most common alert types in the real-live SOC environment.


Interview Preparation

Cyblu coaches will provide mentoring sessions and feedback. All coaching sessions are customized and tailored to your unique situation. Cyblu will make your job seeking efforts more targeted, efficient and rewarding. Our team will schedule resume preparation, LinkedIn profile review, soft skill enhancement, and behavioral interview sessions and they are all included in your course package.


Frequenly Asked Questions

It’s an excellent time to consider joining the field of cybersecurity. The job market is expected to grow rapidly—the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts employment of information security analysts is expected to grow 33% from 2020-2030. It’s one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States. U.S. News & World report ranks it as the #1 Best Job for 2022 primarily due to the job market, growth potential, and salary.

According to 2020 data from the BLS, cybersecurity and information security analysts earn an average annual salary of $107,580 per year ($51.72 per hour).

Our biggest difference is we don’t give you information you will never use. Our courses are focused and prepared for real business practices from the industry. Learning-by-doing is the key part of our hands-on focused program. You’ll be assigned a dedicated mentor who will be giving you the shortcuts and coaching tips you need to get job-ready faster. It’s a great plus to get individual feedback from up-to-date instructors and mentors who are currently working in the cyber security field. Last but not least, joining the program means you’re entering the CYBLU family since everybody here is a part of a larger community dedicated to your success. We continue to support you even after you are hired!

No, you don’t have to know coding to launch your cyber security career as a security analyst and you do not need any IT experience to join Cyblu as long as you are dedicated and eager to learn. The vast majority of our students start our program with no experience at all. 

Becoming a cybersecurity professional takes time and effort. We’ve built a curriculum to teach you what you should know to land a job. We can teach you the technical skills that are needed to enter the industry, but the only thing we need is being passionate about learning and being curious in nature.

  • 91% of Cyblu alumni actively seeking a cybersecurity position get hired within 4 months. 
  • Hired graduates experienced a median salary increase of %63.
  • %85 of our graduates get hired with a total compensation between $75k and $120k. Our total compensation record is $170k+ (No IT experience before!)
  • Statistics last updated in December 2022.
  • The hiring rate is calculated based on statistics from our CCSA training alumni who meet all of the following criteria:
    1. Actively sought employment opportunities in information security for at least 5 months.

    2. Successfully completed the CCSA Training curriculum either online or from recordings.
    3. Paid all tuition payments on time.
    4. Responsive and engaged throughout the job hunting process.
    5. Took all phone/zoom/on-site interviews made available to them.
    6. Accepted an offer in the cybersecurity field.
  • It’s so easy! All you need to initiate the registration process is to fill out the academy application or send your full name, phone number, and email address to registration@cyblu.com

    You just need to sign an enrollment agreement to reserve your spot. You are not required to submit a down payment in order to secure your spot.

    Our instructors and mentors work in the cyber security field and/or academy (PhD and Master’s Degree). This means you are being instructed/coached by people who do the work operational every day. You will be learning specific up-to-date skills and requirements for real available positions in the industry.

    You do need to provide your own computer that needs to meet minimum technical specifications. Since we’ll be using the Windows operating system in our practice sessions, we highly recommend Windows 10 or newer computers with at least an i7 or equivalent processor and minimum 8 GBs RAM. We also recommend solid state drive (SSD) as a storage unit since it’s faster than hard disk drive (HDD).

    Live-online classes meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in the evenings and trainees are expected to spend a minimum 20 hours per week on CCSA program studies, including in-class and individual work. On average, individual work is about 12 hours per week.

    We provide various payment options such as Veteran Discount, Full/Up-front Discount and installment payment option.

    You can watch the recording session on our LMS platform and you can always ask your questions in our communication channels.

    We’re happy to answer any other questions you might have about CCSA Training. Please email to info@cyblu.com. Our team can help you decide if our program is the right course for you.

    Technology Partners

    Get recognized globally with CompTIA Security+

    We’ve partnered with CompTIA, the world’s leading tech association, to create this program. CompTIA has developed certification exams that map directly to today’s current IT job roles. CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that validates the baseline skills necessary to perform core security functions and pursue an IT security career. Certification covers core technical skills in risk assessment and management, incident response, forensics, enterprise networks, hybrid/cloud operations, and security controls, ensuring high-performance on the job.

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